Hiking is an amazing outdoor activity. A way of releasing stress, stupendous experience for beginners and an excellent low-impact exercise. Hiking is not much to do, but for beginners, it may be frightening or alarming. Anyone can do hiking it’s not something that will intimidate you. It’s actually something that we recommend to all of our patients and clients at Cornerstone Wellness Center because of all the incredible health benefits. Instead of walking on a treadmill or something, hiking requires more efforts. Hiking has an interesting relationship with nature. There are some tips that you need to remember while hiking. These tips will make your first trek better and exciting.


Select a better place to hike that has to be shorter than the distance you can easily walk on a paved surface and remember that you are a beginner. A flat 6 miles is much different than 7 miles straight uphill. So start with an easy place. After that, make a checklist for a better hike and importantly do some research on the place where are you going. Get some idea of that place by watching travel video logs and by reading articles about that place. Estimate the time that is required to hike the trail like 2-miles per hour. It will be a great help and you will find it more interesting when you already know about that place. While hiking the most important person is the guide of your group. The company by whom you are hiking is also very important. So select a better company for a better experience.



Most importantly check the weather, what if you have done everything and you are ready for your hike but bad weather ruins everything. So check the weather, it will be a great help for what to pack and how to dress. If the weather is not good, you can wait for a better opportunity and you can change your plans instead of getting frustrated on your first trip.


You should dress up according to weather because cold weather can ruin your trip if you are not dressed accordingly, it will cause you discomfort. So choose comfortable clothes for a pleasant experience. Wear something easy and simple.


You should know that what will be your next destination and don’t try to ignore others. Make sure that you are with them and you are not lost. Bring a map with yourself, it will be helpful. Tell everybody that what will you do next shortly like announcing that we are taking left and we are going there. You should have a device which is used for emergencies that will help you when you are lost or in danger. Always try to make a better decision.


Your fitness and safety are also very important. Don’t worry about the time. If your body needs rest then take it and don’t try to force yourself because a sore ankle can cause you a lot of trouble. Sun protection is also very important. Use skincare products. And you must also have a first aid box with you all the time. More importantly, prevent yourself from harming nature.